I am open to logo design and photo manipulation commissions.

I am closed to portrait and tattoo commissions.

I will be closed to ALL commissions from October 15 to November 20.

Most of my work is in commissions. I offer:

  • Logo Design ($20+)
  • Tattoo Design ($40-$300+)
  • Photo Manipulation ($40+) and/or Correction ($10+)
    • Correction refers to fixing contrast or color of photos, red eyes, etc. Please note that it is almost impossible to fix or touch-up a low-quality photo.
    • For photographers that need help with touch-up editing a large group of photos, I offer bulk prices as well. Please email me or message my Facebook page if you are a photographer and interested in this service.
  • Portraits from Reference ($100+) or Imagination ($150+)
  • Digital Landscapes ($40+)
  • Watercolor ($40+)
  • I am currently not taking 3D Rendering Commissions

*Please note that prices do not include taxes or shipping charges (for projects done by hand)*

All commission prices are based on what the subject is, my comfortably with the subject, and how much time it will take me to finish the project.

I work very closely with my customers. I update frequently and at each step of the process to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. I try to get commissions done as quickly as I can, but some projects take longer than others (some pieces may require a few months, while others may only require a few hours), and I do have a wait list at certain times. I ask for your patience with commissions, and please understand that I do other work from home that may take priority over a project. Thank you!

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